About Promoscape's Melbourne video production facilities

Keeping your eye on the prize

Technology is wonderful. It makes us feel empowered and offers the opportunity to do today what we couldn’t do yesterday. But it's important to always remember that technology is just the tool and without skilled human intervention, it's worthless.

Why it takes a craftsman to create a video

The average feature film shoot produces over 400 hours of footage, which is edited down to 1.5 hours. That means over 99% of the footage is discarded during the editing process. The editing process is a collaboration between the director and the editor. The director has a story they wish to tell and the editor has the skill and discipline to determine what footage helps to tell the story and what footage is superfluous. Without great editors, we wouldn't have great directors or great films.


The role of Promoscape in creating great video

Promoscape have the latest and best technology for video editing - but this is merely the beginning of the story. Promoscape have decades of experience in editing & producing video content for cinema and consumer release. This experience is invaluable to anyone looking to use video to tell a story or prepare content for commercial release.


What does Promoscape deliver?

We work to improve and balance colour, applying both tried & tested and the latest editing techniques. We create soundtracks and narratives that make stories live. We understand that not every client or director is a Spielberg and not every production is a ‘Gladiator’, but that doesn’t stop us working to make every video a masterpiece in its own way.

We know that in a world where our attention span is shorter and demands for our attention are greater, professional editing is the difference between success and failure.

What drives Promoscape's video production service?

Like the craftsmen of old, Promoscape is driven by the passion to achieve perfection. We don’t seek recognition or accolades. The joy is in a project well done. A story well told. We work in the background. In the dark (literally), finding the greatest pleasure in the faces of those who appreciate a skilled craftsman at work.