Blu-ray authoring Melbourne

Preparing a film or video for Blu-ray or DVD release involves more than just encoding. At Promoscape we have decades of experience preparing video for commercial release. We built our experience with video, moved on to DVD and now Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D. We manage all aspects of Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and DVD post production, including editing (if necessary), the production of motion graphics and design, menu design, colour grading and digital remastering, as well as authoring and encoding for different release formats.

Motion graphics and design

Part of Promoscape’s offering is the production of motion graphics and menus for commercial release. Promoscape have produced countless motion graphics for Blu-ray releases for both local and international film and video distributors, TV stations and sporting codes. Promoscape also produce full motion graphics, infographics and animation for any other use.

Colour grading

Bring your pictures to life in Promoscape’s DaVinci Resolve grading suite.

With multiple resolutions including HD and 2K, unlimited primaries, secondaries, power windows, multi-point tracking, blurs and more, it’s clear why DaVinci is the name behind more feature films, television commercials, documentaries, episodic television productions and music videos than any other grading system. At Promoscape we offer the creative solutions that bring pictures to life in time and on budget.

Planning or already working on a project?

Bring in the Promoscape team early for advice on the best methods of delivering your project ready for grading. We're happy to discuss and lock in deals. We also offer discounts to independent filmmakers.


Having authored over ten thousand discs for distributors such as Aztec International, Liberation Music, Shock, Siren Visual, Umbrella Entertainment, Visual Entertainment Group and Via Vision, Promoscape is the go-to facility for DVD and Blu-ray authoring.

We are trusted each year to turn around products for the AFL and NRL that are subject to extremely tight deadlines.

This includes the production of the AFL & NRL Grand Final DVD overnight each year, so that fans can purchase the game the very next morning! Just more proof that we provide a level of service that would be unthinkable at other studios.


The HD quality of Blu-ray far outstrips anything currently available on free-to-air TV or video-on-demand services. Promoscape uses the Cinema Craft® HD Encoder (CC-HDe), which is an innovative H.264/AVC tool for high-end compression and encoding of high definition images. CC-HDe allows us to output the same superior encodes as seen on Blu-ray titles from major Hollywood studios. It is without question the best encoder for Blu-ray available.

Blu-ray 3D

Our MVC encoder delivers brilliant 1080p streams for Blu-ray 3D applications.

3D doesn't need to be restricted to Hollywood films and budgets either. We can create 3D content for kiosks, museum installations and websites.