Digital Cinema Package (DCP)

At Promoscape we offer Digital Cinema Package (DCP) encoding and packaging

We use fully DCI compliant digital cinema mastering tools so you can be sure your latest feature, documentary or short film looks amazing.

Content mastered for digital cinema will be the same each time it’s projected - exactly the same as it was at the time of sign off from the grading process. This means your digital print will always look exactly as it was intended to look. It's a much cheaper process than 35mm, quicker to turn around and easier to deliver.

Promoscape provides great value and heavy discounts to independent filmmakers for festival screenings or other one off or short run screenings.

Digital Cinema Package (DCP) encoding

We can encode for 2D, 3D, in 2K and 4K and can create standard InterOp or SMPTE packages. Promoscape can also re-wrap Digital Cinema Package (DCP) from other facilities and if required ‘reverse encode’ Digital Cinema Package (DCP) into any other format such as ProRes.

If you encode with us, we also hire out our DCP hard drive sets in sturdy Pelican cases with industry standard CRU carriers, ready to slot right into the cinema digital server.


Encrypting your content protects it from piracy and gives you complete control over when and where it can be played. Promoscape manages all the logistic and technical requirements for KDM delivery. Encryption is optional.

Cinema Cloud

For large-scale secure, fast, digital file delivery use our Cinema Cloud server.

Digital cinema mastering

Digital cinema mastering is the process of: 
– Conforming the digital image files, digital sound files and subtitle files (DCDM) 
– Colour space and file conversion 
– applying compression and encryption (KDM) 
– outputting a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) for release