How Film distributors are using digital video authoring

Digital Cinema Authoring Services in Melbourne

The move from analogue distribution of films to digital distribution has changed the very nature of film distribution. Thanks to advances in digital video, film distribution is more cost effective and scalable than ever before. Film distributors no longer have to worry about the costs or quality of prints, with digital reproduction delivering consistent quality with every screening. Digital video technology has even allowed film distributors to restore existing films with better image, colour and sound quality than the original. Encrypting content provides security from illegal screening and reproduction. Films can even be encoded for 3D release.

Authoring for consumer release

Film distributors, looking to further their commercial releases, can locally encode 2D and 3D Blu-ray. This also includes Digital Restoration of classic, rare and cult films, as well as previously un-released footage that can now be released for viewing on DVD and Blu-ray.

Authoring for cinema

Promoscape are one of Australia’s most experienced teams in creating DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages). Promoscape can create standard InterOp or SMPTE packages as well as re-wrap DCPs from other facilities and if required, ‘reverse encode’ DCPs into any other format such as ProRes.

Promoscape also provides encryption to protect your content from piracy and give you complete control over when and where your releases can be played. Promoscape also offers Cinema Cloud, for large-scale secure and fast digital file delivery. More information on Cinema Cloud can be found at