How HR professionals are using video

Video production services for HR in Melbourne

HR professionals, who are looking to increase the size of their talent pools and run development strategies across multiple geographies and languages, are increasingly using video. HR professionals are producing video for use in recruitment, on boarding and development.

Human Resources

If your role is in HR, then you probably are aware of the uses of video in recruitment, on boarding, cultural, professional and team building. You may be conducting centralised statewide, national or international HR strategies and need to provide consistency in your approach and messages. You may have budgetary pressure diminishing your resources. Video may be the panacea you have been looking for to help you reduce costs and improve the ROI on your HR strategies.


For HR professionals with roles that extend beyond recruitment, video provides training and development opportunities. From scenario and situational training based training, to graphics and animation, video is more accessible and more effective than almost any other training tool. Video provides an opportunity for organisations to conduct training anywhere, at any time and in any language. Video is also an effective way to reduce the cost of existing training programs.


HR professionals are working with the clients to provide video on their intranets for everything from interviews with staff & management, to product & service updates and housekeeping. Videos are also being used to record events, such as recruitment days, seminars and trade shows and make them available to their organisation at large via intranets.