Film editing

Unlike any other Melbourne video editing service

Promoscape are unlike any other video editing service in Australia. Promoscape provide solutions for video on screens taller than a 3-story building, right down to the video you see on your smart phone. The common thread between all of the video solutions provided by Promoscape is professionalism and technical know-how.


Web video

With the explosion in the use of web video, professionalism has never been more important. Your clients demand high quality video productions and with the help and guidance of Promoscape, you can deliver web video that delivers every time.

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High definition digital cinema

Promoscape are experts in digital cinema. At Promoscape we deliver D-Cinema encoding, encrypting and packaging for everyone from film distributors through to independent filmmakers.

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Promoscape have developed a reputation as Australia’s best Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and DVD authors. Promoscape work with clients to produce Blu-ray and DVD motion graphics and colour grade videos.

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Video for mobile

What is the difference between video and video for mobile? Talk to the experts at Promoscape about how to produce professional quality video for mobile devices. Learn about the technical limitations and other important facts about video for mobile.

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Digital restoration

Digital restoration of film and video is more than just a preservation process. Digital restoration is an opportunity to restore film and video to its original lustre and even an opportunity to deliver video content more in line with the original intentions of the director. Learn how Promoscape is using digital restoration to make films and video for a new generation of viewers.

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High definition (HD) videos

Promoscape can work with you to ensure the success and professionalism of your high definition video production. Promoscape supports clients by providing technical understanding of the requirements of shooting high definition video, right through to colour grading, editing and sound production.

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Colour grading

Without knowing it, colour grading has played a major role in influencing how you perceive your favourite movies, TV shows and videos. Learn how Promoscape can use colour grading to help you create more professional and emotive video.

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