How video is being used in Public Relations

Video editing

Web video is a gift for those in the public relations sector. It provides ways of circumventing traditional media to lobby government, business, the public and special interest groups. Professionally produced video is a powerful, emotive and persuasive medium that is increasingly important in public relations. From social media, to websites, blogs and mobile devices, web video is more accessible, more popular and more often shared than almost any other medium. The explosion of viral video demonstrates the power of this medium to unite and motivate large and even disparate groups to action.

Lobbying & advocacy

Video is a powerful tool for lobbying and advocacy, as it allows you to send links in emails, add content to websites, blogs and social media. Video is effective because it is so emotive and memorable and can deliver powerful messages and provide perspectives on complex issues better than any other medium. Video is also, sharable, searchable and has the capacity to go viral and global. Video is a powerful tool to energise those who can influence change.