How Sales professionals are using video

Video production for sales & marketing

Whether you want to present to a room of 2,000 or a teenager on their mobile phone, video is increasingly the medium of choice for sales professionals. Video is being used at each stage of the sales cycle. With the demise of the sales funnel, video plays an important role in the new consumer decision journey (CDJ). From consideration and evaluation through to the purchase, experience and advocacy of your product or service, video provides clear insights into the features and benefits of products and services.

Sales and marketing

Sales have fundamentally changed. Many companies now look on transactional sales as inefficient and shortsighted. Companies now talk of ‘consumer journey experiences’ as a way of generating and qualifying sales leads and creating opportunities for repeat sales. The most effective and cost efficient way of generating the additional touch points in this extended sales process is with video. Video is now widely used in the awareness, education, validation and after sales service phases of the sales process. Video allows your clients to engage with your brand, products and services through a wider range of channels and allows your sales team to focus on the activities that generate higher revenues.

Sales support

Video is now commonplace in sales. It is used in everything from one on one & group presentations to seminars and trade shows and in stores and showrooms. Video is also a key sales qualification tool online through websites, blogs and social media. Video is increasingly used in online advertising and provides easily digestible content for mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones.

How to videos

The more resources you provide your sales team to support their clients with their purchases, the better the chance of repeat sales. When your customers and clients want to learn about how to use a product or service, the first place they turn to is online video. Much of the content found on channels such as YouTube are ‘how to’ guides.

Product demonstrations

Many of your customers have already made their purchasing decisions before they walk into a store, showroom or pick up the phone. That is because they have used online video as a tool to compare your products and services with your competitors. Producing your own video product demonstrations allows you to control perceptions of your product when customers are beginning to educate themselves on the options that are available to them. Product demonstrations are now an important part of the ‘value proposition’ for any product or service that aim to differentiate themselves from their competitors or charge a premium for their products or services.