Mobile video production

On average, Australian adults are watching over 80 minutes per month of video on mobiles - and this is only expected to keep rising. Our mobile phones are also the starting point for the majority of web searches, with many searches moving on to tablets and PCs. Australians are big believers in second screen engagement. Companies wanting to engage with clients or the modern Australian consumer need to get serious about providing the type of online resources they are demanding, with mobile video being one such resource.

What is the difference between mobile video and web video?

Think of the difference between how much information you can put on a poster and how much you can put on a stamp. If you're looking for video to be viewed on a mobile, then you need to consider that the sound needs to be simpler and clearer, the graphics and copy need to be much larger and the length of the video needs to be shorter.

Who’s viewing video on mobiles?

You may think that only teenagers are viewing video on mobiles. You would be wrong. Adults are the ones viewing over 80 minutes of video on mobiles per month and it’s not just consumers. ‘C’ level managers are now using their smartphones as their primary device for viewing emails and conducting online research. Imagine how much easier a video is to view than reading on a smartphone screen for someone over 45 and the benefits of mobile video become obvious.

How can Promoscape help me with mobile video?

Promoscape primarily provides editing solutions. In the case of video for mobile, we can help you edit your video into a format that receives more views and delivers the right messages, in the right way.

This may mean re-editing existing video, re-doing graphics and titles to make them more legible on a smaller screen, re-balancing colour and fixing sound quality. It also means compressing video in a way that retains quality but reduces download time and buffering for streaming video.