Which Australian professions use video?

We all are

If you look around it appears as if every professional is using video to tell a story. From marketing managers, to HR professions and right up to ‘C’ level managers, everyone now understands the value of professional video production.

Film distributors

Digital cinema promises real benefits to both film distributors and audiences. Film distributors benefit by dramatically reducing the cost of film duplication and transportation, as well as the capacity of releasing faster and across more screens. Audiences benefit from the increased quality of image, colour and sound quality.

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With the rise of content, inbound and social media marketing, there are increasing demands on marketing managers to produce professional quality video. Learn some of the ways in which the best marketing managers and marketing departments are using video production to advance their corporate and brand messages.

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Sales professionals

Corporate & web video have become essential tools for sales professionals looking to gain a competitive edge in a changing sales environment. Discover some of the ways the most successful sales people are using video.

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HR professionals

HR professionals, who are looking to increase the size of their talent pools and run development strategies across multiple geographies and languages, are increasingly using video. Discover how HR professionals are producing video for use in recruitment, on boarding and development.

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Help desks

If you are looking for ways to reduce demand for your help desks and improve customer service, web video may be the answer. Web video allows you to provide instructional and ‘how to’ advice to your customers 24/7, no matter where they are in the world.

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OHS officers

Video is not new to OHS officers. What is new is the opportunities that new video delivery platforms provide to OHS officers struggling to come to terms with smaller operating budgets and global operations. Discover how OHS officers are using video to train staff in remote locations and deliver important safety messages locally and around the world.

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‘C’ level managers

Discover how ‘C’ level managers around Australia are using corporate videos and website videos to promote their agendas and maintain control of their messages within their sectors, with their staff and management, with customers and with investors.

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Recruitment specialists

With so much activity conducted remotely, diminishing budgets and other demands, recruitment specialists are seeking more cost effective ways of helping their clients attract the best talent. Learn why web video is fast becoming one of the important tools used by recruitment specialists to achieve these goals.

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Public relations

Public relation professionals are aware of the power of video. They now use it for everything from launches, to competitions and social media campaigns. Public relations firms are even using video to lobby government, public and special interests groups. Discover why video has become the medium of choice for PR professionals.

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